ATTENTION: Facility Managers The OPS 1-Touch Is Truly The LAST Soap Dispenser You Will Ever BUY!

Why Select Indestructible, Stainless Steel Vandal Proof Soap Dispensers For Your Commercial Establishment?

OPS 1-TOUCH 1000The OPS® 1-TOUCH™ is the only commercial cartridge foaming soap dispenser that offers reliable, sanitary hand soap delivery while being 100% tamper proof. The dispenser is wall-mounted via cement mounting system or highly durable tape (your choice). This makes it impossible for an individual to rip the dispenser off the wall and throw it in the trash or on the floor. The 1-TOUCH is armored through a combination of 14 and 16 gauge brushed stainless steel. Its hardened design makes the OPS 1-TOUCH nearly indestructible. Punch, Kick, and Knife proof, the 1-TOUCH will give you peace of mind that you’ll never have to replace a broken soap dispenser again. What’s more, with its circular keyway cam lock, you can sleep easy knowing that no one can open your dispenser without your permission. This ensures that the soap you wash your hands with daily is not contaminated with any unwanted items a vandal may have thrown in and contaminate the dispenser. The OPS 1-TOUCH dispenser comes with a 5-year replacement warranty.

Not only is the 1-TOUCH the most secure, vandal resistant dispenser in the world, it’s attractive as well. The 1-TOUCH’s brushed, stainless steel design looks attractive in any environment. Due to its security function, you’ll never have to worry about the dispenser looking cut or cracked, and there is no colored paint that can chip off. The 1-TOUCH’s stainless steel covering is easy to clean and its slanted top discourages patrons from using it as a cup holder or ash tray. The OPS 1-TOUCH Stainless Steel body and construction help create a healthy environment by providing easy access to hand soaps or instant hand sanitizers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.OPS 1-TOUCH Soap Cartridge The OPS 1-TOUCH hand soap dispenser is not only attractive and secure, but also dispenses a high quality, non-alcohol, anti-bacterial soap mixture. The OPS 1-TOUCH Soap Cartridge is a closed sanitary system. All of our soap and hand sanitizers come in disposable – hermetically sealed – cartridges and disposable pumps. The cartridge and pumps are discarded after they are emptied in order to provide a germ free product for your staff and guests. This eliminates the need to clean or wash out your dispenser AND prevents bacteria from growing inside it. With the OPS 1-TOUCH security dispenser’s disposable foaming soap cartridges, you never have to worry about your soap getting contaminated again!Our soaps are economical as well. Every case contains 4-disposable soap cartridges. Each soap cartridge contains 1000 ml of product. Every pump yielded from the 1-TOUCH activated push button provides thick, rich foam that is perfect for washing a person’s hands, hair, and body. Each soap cartridge provides 2500 pumps. With the use of the OPS ECO Green foaming hand soap, that means your facility will get up to 10,000 hand washings per case!Most of our products are green as well so you’ll know that you’re not only taking care of your facility, but also the environment. For more information on which of our products are DFE approved by the EPA, contact us.In sum, we are here to help. Servicing the continental United States, Archer Manufacturing is the foremost leader in cleaning chemicals and tamper proof, wall-mounted, foaming soap dispensers. Our Vandal Proof soap dispensers have been used in jails, prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and other detention facilities for the past 20 years. They have been field tested in the harshest of conditions – and they work. What’s more, with the 1-TOUCH’s new attractive design, these soap dispensers are perfect for other facilities as well. Restaurants, bars, parks, hospitals, schools, fitness centers, gymnasiums, arenas, highway rest stops, and many more places can highly benefit through the use of the world’s only 100% vandal proof security soap dispenser. The 1-TOUCH is even a low cost dispenser and inexpensive compared to our competitors. So click here today, and let us help you get the security you deserve.*NEW* Introducing the OPS 1-Touch Shower Dispenser:We have taken the 1-Touch dispenser and have coated the top as well as the push paddle activator in an Epoxy / Vinyl Resin. This vinyl is baked to harden – making the edges of the dispenser softer and safer. This helps to prevent scratching of arms or any other part of the body while someone uses the dispenser in a small shower stall. The OPS 1-Touch Shower Dispenser is ideal for any shower and all areas in a Hospital or Corrections environment.