How Stop Bathroom Vandalism in its Tracks

Restroom Vandals: Taking Control Back

Vandalism in bathrooms is unfortunately common, according to American School & University Magazine. The amount of privacy a restroom area affords plus the vandal attracting fixtures, including soap dispensers and stall walls, is often a … Read More

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Durability Matters More Than You May Realize

What Fixture Durability Means to You: The Bottom Line

Having to constantly replace hand washing fixtures because of vandalism or due to their lack of durability is more than just a strain on your janitorial staff. The Centers for Control … Read More

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Keeping Bathroom Vandals at Bay

Vandal Proofing Your Bathroom

Restless visitors can do an immense amount of damage to a bathroom that isn’t protected against vandalism. Everything from your bathroom’s design to its fixtures and equipment comes into play if you’re trying to guard against … Read More

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Design Tips for School Restrooms

Design Vandal Proof, Yet Comfortable Restrooms for Schools

Even relatively small towns can have thousands of students in each facility, requiring hundreds of bathrooms to serve them throughout the day. The sheer number of personnel man hours needed to keep … Read More

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Secure Restroom Dispensers – Save You Money

Are Your Restroom Dispensers At Risk?

Secure restroom dispensers are a must and yours are in danger from vandals! Recent statistics show that over 511,000 reports have been filed with police departments because of stolen soap dispensers. Stolen and damaged … Read More

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Dispenser Theft is on The Rise – Don’t Fall Victim to Soap Bandits

How to stop soap dispenser theft and vandalism in your public facilities or washrooms

Public restroom soap dispenser theft is on the rise. Don’t allow your bathroom to become another statistic. Instead install anti-theft dispensers to stop vandals in their … Read More

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Are Your Stadium Soap Dispensers Under Constant Attack? – Tips to Stop Vandalism at Your Sporting Facility

Vandal Proof Stadium Soap Dispensers Help Control Vandalism at Your Sports Facility.

Stadium Soap Dispensers

Sporting facilities are under constant attack from vandals, which makes preventing vandalism a 24 hour 7 day a week job for stadium maintenance crews. Damage … Read More

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Install a Vandalism Proof Soap Dispenser at Your Stadium and Stop Senseless and Costly Vandalism

Vandalism proof soap dispensers give the upper hand to stadium maintenance managers

Vandalism in public venues is becoming more and more of an issue. These Senseless acts of vandalism cost stadiums and business owners millions of dollars every year. Solution: … Read More

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Vandal Proof Dispensers – A Must Have for Your Public Facility

The use of Vandal Proof Dispensers Provides a Safe & Clean Environment for Public Restroom Facilities.

Vandal resistant dispensers offer solutions to public facility owners to help combat vandalism. Maintenance workers at public restroom facilities face vandalism on a regular … Read More

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No Black Marks – How to Make Preventing Vandalism Practical

Smarter Design and Tougher Products Lower Maintenance Costs

Cleaning up after vandalism in public restrooms can sometimes have maintenance managers at their wits’ end. Because of vandalism on public facilities, many developers are using smarter designs and tougher products to … Read More

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