The Only Industrial Hand Soap Dispenser You Will Ever Need!

The OPS Industrial Hand Soap Dispenser is Vandal Proof, unbreakable and protects OPS Soap while controlling usage. Finally! You can keep soap where it belongs – in your dispenser.

Industrial Hand Soap Dispenser Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction – Heavy Duty Protection and Durability

  • Circular Cam Lock – Restricts Access to Soap Keg

  • Keyed alike to all other OPS Soap Dispensers

  • Controlled Dose for Economy

  • Two Year Warranty Against “Vandalism”

  • 23″ Tall x 8″ Wider x 6″ Deep

Industrial Hand Cleaner With Variable Sized Micro-Scrubbers

OPS Industrial Hand Cleaner is a specialized product for removal of petroleum based grease and soils from hands. It is also excellent on tars, paints, and varnishes.


  • A blend of Variable Sized Micro Scrubbers for deep hand cleaning

  • Mineral Solvents to break down petroleum based soils

  • Unique Surfactants to emulsify soils. Just rinse with water and soils will

    be completely removed from hands

  • Vitamin E and Aloe to replenish and moisturize hands

  • Neutral pH to help prevent drying of hands


Does NOT Contain:

  • Walnut shells that can trigger an anaphylactic response to anyone with

    nut allergies

  • Plastic scrubbers which are not biodegradable and have been outlawed

    in many states due to buildup in fish and other marine life.