Archer Manufacturing is a manufacturer of a National Brand of Cleaning Chemicals and Tamper Proof Liquid Soap Dispensing Units for Correctional Facilities. Servicing the continental United States, Archer Manufacturing is the foremost leader in Cleaning Chemicals and Tamper Proof Liquid Soap Dispensing units. With the OPS BOXX® Family of Patented and Patent Pending Tamper Proof Liquid Soap Dispensers—Budget, Safety and Security come together. Currently installed in prison facilities across the nation, the OPS BOXX Tamper Proof Dispensers offer unparalled safety and security. OPS products are used across the country to Safely and Effectively clean Classrooms, Offices, Kitchens, US Navy Ships and almost every other Environment.

Inmate Proof Dispensing System by ARCHER Mfg. — We Guarentee It! Danville, California. EPA Designed for the Environment Approved Products. All dispensers and cleaners are proudly made in the USA.
When the dispensers are filling sinks, mop buckets or spray bottles, they are unlocked so they can be turned off. OPS UNO ULTRA is a true multipurpose cleaner!This product is dynamically formulated for tough cleaning jobs. Use this product to clean finished floors, deep scrubbing of floors or spots and stains on painted walls.
Vandal Proof Equipment for BOP and Prison Facilities Nationwide by ARCHER Mfg., Danville California Vandal Proof Dispensers and Cleaners from ARCHER Mfg. in Danville, California
ARCHER OPS 101 Pot & Pan Soap ARCHER OPS Centsable F.S. 3rd Sink Sanitizer ARCHER OPS Uno Ultra Multi-Purpose Cleaner
BOP and Prison Facility Maintenance Equipment & Cleaners from ARCHER Mfg., Danville, California
Inmate Proof Foaming Soap Dispenser
OPS 1-Touch 1000 Foaming Soap Dispenser by ARCHER Mfg., Danville, California ADA Compliant | 14 Times more product | Foam Soap Activator | Slanted top–Can't be used as a cup holder or an ash tray
OPS SOLO Lifetime Warranty
Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel | 5 Year Warranty 1-TOUCH Product Sheet
OPS Hand, Hair & Body Shampoo OPS ECO-DFE Approved Hand Soap OPS Instant Hand Sanitizer OPS Antibacterial Hand Soap

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