Soap Dispenser


Vandal Proof Soap Dispenser

ATTENTION Facility Managers! The OPS 1-Touch Indestructible Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser Is The Last Soap Dispenser Your Facility Will Ever Need

OPS® 1-TOUCH™ Dispensers are:

  • A single refill of OPS Foamy Soap can have over
    2500 hand washings!
  • No buttons, levers or plungers that can be
    broken or even kicked off!
  • The dispenser is punch proof, kick proof and
    knife proof, we guarantee it!

After years on the market and thousands of OPS 1-TOUCH dispensers placed in the field, to date, not one has been reported to ever been successfully vandalized. They are all pumping soap everyday! OPS 1-TOUCH Warranty

The OPS 1-TOUCH, industrial strength soap dispenser is a Patented Foaming Dispenser that is designed to dispense our High Quality Foaming OPS Products without any interruption of service that is caused by Vandalism. We provide restroom soap dispensers and kitchen soap dispensers for any high volume facility. Unlike the Bobrick soap dispenser or Ecolab soap dispenser, the OPS 1-TOUCH dispenser is indestructible and perfect for any public facility.

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