3 Tips for Installing and Maintaining Soap Dispensers That Last

Soap Dispensers Require Correct Installation

Installation-tools-300x227Upgrading the fixtures in your bathroom could solve labor issues throughout your company. Fixtures designed to resist vandals and high traffic levels require proper installation to remain stable. If mounting into sheet rock, Mounting fixtures to the stud in the wall for optimal strength. If mounting into a cement wall, ensure your using the proper cement mounts for optimal stability. Skipping over any of the installation steps or failing to maintain installed fixtures, will only increase your expenses in the long run. Save future money by learning more about proper installation procedures.

Read the Instructions Completely Before Starting

When someone receives a complete soap dispenser unit like the OPS 1-Touch, they may find that it is fairly obvious how the device should be mounted on the wall. Business.comrecommends following the manufacturer’s installation instructions thoroughly. (http://www.business.com/guides/industrial-soap-dispensers-installation-and-maintenance-32251/) Proper mounting guidelines are included, with specific instructions for attaching dispensers. Placing a dispenser too close to another fixture could affect its resistance against vandalism or accidental damage.

Stick to a Strict Refilling Schedule

Even the best soap dispensers cannot help your employees and guests prevent illness if they are empty. Perform a basic traffic test to determine how many visitors and employees use your facilities each day. Take the tally for a week, then create an average and use that number to determine when to change soap refills. Aim for a few days early so that supplies does not entirely run out before a maintenance worker stops by to replace it. The hermetically sealed bags used in the OPS 1-Touch system prevent contamination and are easy to swap out. There’s no chance of a messy spill when switching from reservoir dispensers to fixtures that accept handy plastic bags of soap. Speeding up the refilling process could help reduce labor costs by quite a few hours throughout the month.

Don’t Forget These Additional Maintenance Tasks

While soap refills may occur on a daily or weekly basis, there are still other tasks that need occasional attention. The outside of your soap dispenser should be disinfected along with the rest of the bathroom on a regular basis, based on your traffic levels. The worker should also check the dispenser for function every time they add a new refill, recommends Business.com. (http://www.business.com/guides/industrial-soap-dispensers-installation-and-maintenance-32251/) Automated dispensers tend to breakdown more, requiring the attention of a repair professional to get your bathroom functioning again. Investing in manual soap dispensers, such as the OPS 1-Touch, could eliminate a lot of maintenance chores related to the changing of drained batteries.

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