Can Your Restroom Soap Dispenser Help Keep the Flu Bug at Bay?

Win the War Against Flu and Create Flu-free Spaces

Smiling-Little-Girl-Washing-Hands-300x227No one wants to come down with the flu, but it’s getting harder and harder to avoid each season. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu activity can start as early as October and last even into May, leaving you and your staff potentially exposed to strains for months at a time ( While there’s no guaranteed protection, ridding your facility of potential germ breeding grounds certainly won’t hurt and may just keep your staff and clients healthier.

 Public Bathrooms are Ripe for Germs and What to do About It?

Bathrooms are essentially a haven for germs. With all the people coming and going and using the facilities, bacteria and viruses spread like wildfire. Door handles, toilet handles, paper dispensers, hand dryers, sinks and soap dispensers are common breeding grounds for bugs. Medical facilities are at an even higher risk because of bathroom use by incoming patients who may already be ill.

Establish a frequent daily cleaning schedule that covers germ-prone fixtures and surfaces with your staff during the flu season. Make sure the checklist covers all the areas, especially commonly forgotten items such as door and toilet knobs, and tailor the cleaning times to your usual rate of bathroom traffic throughout the day.

Replacing current fixtures with more hygienic options is an easy way to help increase sanitation in your restrooms and prevent flu germs spreading without adding staff time. The OPS 1-Touch, for example, is made of 14-gauge stainless steel, a metal known for its ability to resist bacteria and harmful bugs.

The one-push action necessary for OPS 1-Touch soap dispensing limits how much physical contact users have with the fixture and helps prevent cross contamination. These OPS units use foam soap instead of liquid, reducing mess and making it easier for visitors to wash their hands properly, which is an absolute must for germ control. Since the unit is designed to guard against acts of vandalism and theft, it will stay in working order during busy times, ensuring your staff, clients and the general public have the ability to wash their hands at all times.

If you have ceramic fixtures for your sinks or toilets, consider replacing those with stainless steel ones instead. Ceramic can be damaged more easily and can more likely harbor germs than stainless steel.

 Make That School Water Fountain Germ-free

Schools are a hotbed of germs in general, but nothing is worse than the water fountain, according to studies by the Public Health and Safety Organization ( The NSF linked improper hand washing, theorizing children were using the fountains with dirty hands. Use destruction-proof steel soap dispensers, such as the OPS 1-Touch, to keep students safer during flu outbreaks.

Make sure you have all your ducks in a row before flu season begins so you’re not caught off guard. Contact the experts at today if you have any questions about sanitary fixtures for your restroom facilities and kitchens or need more information.

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