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Psychiatric Hospital Safe Soap Dispensers – Kill Germs, Prevent Bathroom Vandalism and Suicides

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Installing a psychiatric hospital soap dispenser in your facility kills germs, stops vandalism and decreases the risk of suicide. Suicides in psychiatric hospitals are tragic events that cause pain and distress to family members, friends and hospital staff.  A psychiatric hospital is supposed to be a safe place, for those suffering from mental illness, unfortunately, about 6% of suicides occur during inpatient care. This can leave the hospital vulnerable to legal problems for failing to protect their patients from harming themselves. In hospitals, the most common method of suicide is hanging and 75% of those hangings take place in the…

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Control Workplace Illness to Keep Your Staff in Shape

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Workplace Illness: The Silent Productivity Killer When employees fall ill, your entire workplace and productivity flow suffers. While there’s no one guaranteed way to keep your workers healthy, you can reduce employees taking sick days by attacking the areas most likely to be filled with germs during the flu season. What Sick Staff Members May be Costing You According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, employees who call in sick put strain on other staff members and may cost you money and time in replacement staff training. ( Employees who do remain at work often feel the effects…

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3 Tips for Installing and Maintaining Soap Dispensers That Last

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Soap Dispensers Require Correct Installation Upgrading the fixtures in your bathroom could solve labor issues throughout your company. Fixtures designed to resist vandals and high traffic levels require proper installation to remain stable. If mounting into sheet rock, Mounting fixtures to the stud in the wall for optimal strength. If mounting into a cement wall, ensure your using the proper cement mounts for optimal stability. Skipping over any of the installation steps or failing to maintain installed fixtures, will only increase your expenses in the long run. Save future money by learning more about proper installation procedures. Read the Instructions…

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Put an End to Subway Station Bathroom Vandalism

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Choosing Fixtures for Subway Bathrooms Subways are an efficient, affordable and quick way to move large numbers of people. While city or state authorities operate many subway systems, private subways are also popular for big shopping centers and airports. No matter what kind of subway you manage, the design of the restroom facilities is crucial to its efficiency. According to 2nd Avenue Sagas, (, most public restrooms in New York City are rarely available for use, due to vandalism or other forms of damage. The high foot traffic means that your bathrooms will be subject to a lot of attention…

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In Public Venues, OPS 1-Touch Shower Soap Dispensers Provide a Safer and Healthier Experience

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Provide a cleaner and safer shower with OPS 1-Touch Shower Soap Dispensers. Showering in public facilities can often be an unpleasant experience, unless your facility is using the right bathroom soap dispenser. Whether your shower facility is a school, prison, gym, or business, you want to provide users with a clean and safe shower experience. Many public facility owners struggle with vandalism that causes costly damage to their facility and can endanger residents, patrons or students. Prisons and schools face particular difficulties with parts from equipment being turned into weapons. Even accidentally bumping into traditional soap dispensers can be very…

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Staff and Inmate Safety: Preventing Prison Facility Tragedy

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Keeping Prison Fatalities and Staff Injuries At Bay In May of 2010, the National Sheriff’s Association and the Treatment Advocacy Center worked together to prepare a study, which confirmed what many people already expected. The study, conducted using data from all 50 states, found that persons with serious mental illnesses were three times more likely to end up in a prison than a hospital. ( While the situation of the mental health system clearly needs to be addressed, there is no easy fix. Prison facilities need to take steps to protect both staff and inmates from unnecessary and often silent…

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Can Your Restroom Soap Dispenser Help Keep the Flu Bug at Bay?

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Win the War Against Flu and Create Flu-free Spaces No one wants to come down with the flu, but it’s getting harder and harder to avoid each season. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu activity can start as early as October and last even into May, leaving you and your staff potentially exposed to strains for months at a time ( While there’s no guaranteed protection, ridding your facility of potential germ breeding grounds certainly won’t hurt and may just keep your staff and clients healthier.  Public Bathrooms are Ripe for Germs and What to do…

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Deterring Vandalism: NYC Department of Parks and Recreation Taking Charge

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Keeping Vandals at Bay in NYC Park Restrooms The New York City Parks Department is responsible for over 28,000 acres of land and over 1,700 recreation facilities, parks and other areas over the massive city’s five boroughs. As one may imagine, the parks department often has trouble with vandalism and product waste in public restrooms, particularly when it comes to the homeless population in the urban areas. Ray Acosta, the Deputy Chief of Operations for the Bronx, recently upgraded his bathroom fixtures and had some surprisingly dramatic results. The OPS 1-Touch Dispenser Eliminated all Soap Dispenser Vandalism in The NYC…

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Constructing a Safe, Private Behavioral Health Bathroom

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Behavioral Health Bathrooms Need Plenty of Planning Helping people with mental and behavioral issues recover and get back on track is a constant challenge. Doctors and facility managers alike have to balance the need for normalcy with patient protection. Careful surveillance and safe furnishings don’t have to make your patients feel uncomfortable. Extra consideration has to be taken when designing the bathroom of a patient’s room because over three-fourths of all suicides in a behavioral health facility take place in the bathroom or bedroom, according to Behavioral Healthcare. ( Select Fixtures Without Anchor Hanging Points Designing the room to be…

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Keeping Your Staff Healthy and At Work

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Making Sure Your Staff is There When You Need Them The flu season can strike unexpectedly and hit your workplace hard. The season usually starts in January, but can appear as early as October and go throughout April and into May, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ( Don’t Forget the Obvious Encourage your staff members to stay in shape by installing stress management and healthy workplace programs. Make sure your shift scheduling allows workers to get enough sleep in between work hours and provide information about locally available flu shots. According to Time Magazine, the better physical…

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