Control Workplace Illness to Keep Your Staff in Shape

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Workplace Illness: The Silent Productivity Killer

bigstock-caduceus-symbol-on-vertical-bl-17706440-300x300When employees fall ill, your entire workplace and productivity flow suffers. While there’s no one guaranteed way to keep your workers healthy, you can reduce employees taking sick days by attacking the areas most likely to be filled with germs during the flu season.

What Sick Staff Members May be Costing You

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, employees who call in sick put strain on other staff members and may cost you money and time in replacement staff training. ( Employees who do remain at work often feel the effects of the missing staff and have decreased productivity.

Even if you encourage sick employees to stay home, they may report to work. Workers who don’t have enough paid time to cover days lost to illness spread their sickness to the rest of your staff because they can’t afford to miss a day. The more ill employees you have, the more your workplace will suffer in terms of morale and work output.

Attack the Germ Hotbeds in Your Workplace

Some areas of your workplace are literal hotbeds for germs and bacteria. Without proper precautions, sick staff and visitors may leave unwanted presents behind for other people in the form of viruses and other bugs.

One of the biggest germ breeding grounds is your restroom, per the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. ( Your likelihood of germ surface transfer is even higher if your restroom is open to the public and your facility sees a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis.

Evaluate your current restroom fixtures for stability and hygiene. Even if your fixtures are germ-resistant, the benefit is lost if the fixtures aren’t durable enough to handle damage from outside forces, such as vandalism. A broken soap dispenser, for instance, means that visitors can’t wash their hands and are going to leave germs on other surfaces, such as door handles.

Look for durable bathroom fixtures made of stainless steel, including the OPS 1-Touch, to ensure your bathroom provides hand washing at all times. The OPS 1-Touch is constructed of stainless steel and comes with a five-year guarantee against damage sustained from acts of vandalism. The eight hole mounting system makes it very difficult for visitors to remove the unit from the wall, and the design reduces the amount of contact with users’ dirty hands.

Don’t forget to encourage employees to clean shared workplace items regularly. Shared items, such as the office copier or a main computer, are much more likely to become a haven for germs.

Contact the experts at today if you have any questions or need more information about durable and hygienic products for your facility. Cut down costs and keep worker morale high by keeping your workplace as healthy as possible.

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