In Public Venues, OPS 1-Touch Shower Soap Dispensers Provide a Safer and Healthier Experience

Provide a cleaner and safer shower with OPS 1-Touch Shower Soap Dispensers.

267861_emergency_shower_signShowering in public facilities can often be an unpleasant experience, unless your facility is using the right bathroom soap dispenser. Whether your shower facility is a school, prison, gym, or business, you want to provide users with a clean and safe shower experience.

Many public facility owners struggle with vandalism that causes costly damage to their facility and can endanger residents, patrons or students. Prisons and schools face particular difficulties with parts from equipment being turned into weapons. Even accidentally bumping into traditional soap dispensers can be very dangerous.

One particular issue facility manager’s face is keeping their public showers clean and healthy. Bar soap leaves behind soap scum that can become unsightly and unhealthy. Vandals can easily access the soap supply of traditional soap dispensers, spill it out, and not only create a big mess, but also create a hazard to users.

The solution to providing a safer and healthier shower experience is the OPS 1-touchbathroom soap and shower dispensers.

The OPS 1-touch bathroom soap dispensers are made of stainless steel that is vandal proof, puncture proof and resists being damaged from kicking and punching. There is no way for vandals to tamper with the soap inside of the dispenser, so you can be assured the soap, shampoo, and body wash is safe. Additionally, there are no parts that can be broken off and turned into weapons.

Public bathroom accessories are frequently vandalized, causing the facility to pay for expensive repairs, or replacements, only to have them vandalized again and again. They have parts that are easily broken off, and vandals have easy access to the products inside of them giving them the ability to tamper with them.

1TouchSideWhen traditional soap dispensers are empty, the facility manager pours in more soap. Studies have proven that liquid soap in public restroom facilities is full of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. You risk leaving the facility with more germs after you wash up.

The OPS replacement bathroom soap dispenser products are hermetically sealed in disposable cartridges. Both the pumps and cartridges are disposable, so there is no need to clean out the dispensers before refilling them. This helps to eliminate bacteria growth and the soap becoming contaminated. Vandals won’t have access to the soap, body wash, or shampoo, so there are no fears of contamination.

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