Keeping Your Staff Healthy and At Work

Making Sure Your Staff is There When You Need Them

bigstock-Radiator-Installation-28577057-250x300The flu season can strike unexpectedly and hit your workplace hard. The season usually starts in January, but can appear as early as October and go throughout April and into May, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (

Don’t Forget the Obvious

Encourage your staff members to stay in shape by installing stress management and healthy workplace programs. Make sure your shift scheduling allows workers to get enough sleep in between work hours and provide information about locally available flu shots. According to Time Magazine, the better physical shape your staff is in, the more likely they are to avoid getting sick. ( Help staff members foster a healthy lifestyle by taking an active role in their wellbeing.

Work with your staff to create a cleaning schedule for commonly used equipment that the janitorial staff may not have access to, such as a shared copy machine. Just one ill employee can spread sickness across your entire staff via a shared surface.

Is Your Bathroom Making Staff Sick?

Proper hand washing is absolutely vital to help control the spread of germs. Even if your staff is in tiptop physical shape, they may be exposed to viruses and bacteria in your facility’s restroom due to the type, availability and design of your soap dispensers.

Your soap dispensers must be able to withstand damage from outside forces, such as an unruly or trouble-making visitor so that the soap is available to staff at all times. A durable stainless steel dispenser, such as the OPS 1-Touch, can handle unexpected acts of vandalism and comes with a non-compromising five-year warranty against such acts to protect your investment. The eight bold mounting system resists attempts by bathroom visitors to remove the unit from the wall. Its sleek design makes it very difficult for anyone to access the soap inside, ensuring it’s available for staff use when needed.

Another potentially germ-infested area of your current dispenser is the dispensing mechanism. Ideally, the person who is washing their hands should have the least physical contact with the mechanism as possible to avoid cross contamination. The OPS 1-Touch, for example, has a simple one-touch mechanism that minimizes the amount of surface area a person must tap to get soap. The foam soap is easier for many people to use than liquid and reduces mess.

Let employees know that if they’re not feeling well, they should stay home. An ill employee can disrupt your entire workplace in just the span of one day by coming into contact with other staff members and getting them sick as well.

Contact the experts at today for more information regarding the OPS 1-Touch 1000. By reducing employee absenteeism rates, you can ensure your workplace flows smoothly and keep your staff from being overworked.

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