Put an End to Subway Station Bathroom Vandalism

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Choosing Fixtures for Subway Bathrooms

Milano Centrale train station platformSubways are an efficient, affordable and quick way to move large numbers of people. While city or state authorities operate many subway systems, private subways are also popular for big shopping centers and airports. No matter what kind of subway you manage, the design of the restroom facilities is crucial to its efficiency. According to 2nd Avenue Sagas, (http://secondavenuesagas.com/2013/01/07/link-the-subways-missing-and-closed-restrooms/), most public restrooms in New York City are rarely available for use, due to vandalism or other forms of damage. The high foot traffic means that your bathrooms will be subject to a lot of attention from vandals. Tough fixtures; however, can reduce the costs for maintenance and repairs.

Stronger, Streamlined Toilets

Porcelain fixtures are common because they are affordable, easy to install and familiar to users. However, these items aren’t usually durable enough to handle the kind of traffic you see in a public restroom. Pick a stainless steel fixture that mounts on the wall for a toilet that won’t break off or crack even if a user stands and jumps on it. These units also tend to have streamlined designs that don’t capture dirt, avoiding the need for extra cleaning. A seamless design can be quickly rinsed clean with a high-pressure sprayer. The overall design of the restroom will also look good when matching these kinds of fixtures with OPS 1-Touch soap dispensers.

Tougher Counter Tops

Porcelain also isn’t a good option for the sinks and counter tops. If you can’t install full stainless steel pieces, then look for tough resins and plastics that are marbled to give the look of natural stone. Hard, polished materials will resist scratching and let you scrub the entire fixture in just a few minutes. Avoid seams here as well, or your cleaning staff will need to spend time scrubbing dirt and debris out of tiny cracks. Counter tops are often scratched or painted with graffiti by vandals, so look for a material that is vandal resistant so that staff can simply wipe spray paint away, rather than you having to replace the fixture.

Install OPS Soap Dispensers that Resist Damage

Vandals often target soap dispensers because they tend to be flimsy, made from plastic and cannot be properly secured to the wall. One hard kick to a typical plastic dispenser can smash the device making it nonoperational or worse yet it could also splatter soap across the bathroom. Once the soap concentrate dries, it must be scraped away by hand costing you both time and money.

In order to avoid this type of incident, consider installing a durable fixture like the OPS 1-Touch instead. This device is built with heavy gauge stainless steel to resist the efforts of the toughest vandals. It also features a one-touch lever that cannot be broken off or jammed into the dispenser, which can cause other dispensers to malfunction. Guests rely on the reliability of your soap dispensers at your facility to sanitize their hands and if they are not reliable, your facility can contribute to the spread of the common cold and other illnesses if travelers are unable to use them. For more information on the OPS , contact the soap dispenser experts at www.vandalproof.org today.

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