Psychiatric Hospital Safe Soap Dispensers – Kill Germs, Prevent Bathroom Vandalism and Suicides

Installing a psychiatric hospital soap dispenser in your facility kills germs, stops vandalism and decreases the risk of suicide.

Psychiatric Hospital Safe Soap Dispensers

Suicides in psychiatric hospitals are tragic events that cause pain and distress to family members, friends and hospital staff.  A psychiatric hospital is supposed to be a safe place, for those suffering from mental illness, unfortunately, about 6% of suicides occur during inpatient care. This can leave the hospital vulnerable to legal problems for failing to protect their patients from harming themselves.

In hospitals, the most common method of suicide is hanging and 75% of those hangings take place in the patient’s private bathroom or bedroom. It just takes a couple of minutes of pressure on the carotid arteries to deprive the brain of oxygen long enough to produce death. Whether standing or kneeling, patients are able to wrap ligatures around bathroom accessories to carry out their suicide plans.

To help reduce the risk of inpatient suicides by hanging, hospitals need to limit areas where patients can attach ligatures. Plumbing fixtures are a major concern. Installing psychiatric hospital soap dispensers, which are suicide resistant is a great step in providing a safe environment for patients.

The OPS 1-Touch, vandal resistant soap dispenser, will increase patient safety and reduce liability for your hospital. They are 100% vandal and tamper proof and are securely locked to prevent access. The top of the dispenser is slanted to prevent tying of ligatures around it. Additionally, there are no parts to break off that can be turned into weapons, so staff, visitors and patients are protected from harm.

In addition to aiding in battling suicide prevention, the 1-Touch soap dispenser and replacement sealed cartridges, will help stop the spread of germs, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Diseases and infections, like MRSA are a constant battle for hospitals. Unfortunately, traditional dispensers can be a breeding ground for bacteria. By switching to the OPS 1-Touch soap dispensers by Archer Manufacturing, you can greatly decrease the risk of MRSA and other infections.

The replacement cartridges are hermetically sealed and guaranteed to be bacteria free, contamination free and microbe free. When the soap dispenser is empty, simply throw out the cartridge and replace it with a new one.

You will greatly reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and germs in your psychiatric hospital and help reduce the risk of suicides among your patients by installing the OPS 1-touch soap dispenser.

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