The OPS® 1-TOUCH™ Is Truly

The LAST Soap Dispenser
You Will Ever BUY!


The Patented OPS 1-Touch Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser Has
Proven to Be Indestructible & Suicide Resistant Across the
United States – Under the Worst Conditions


They’re Trouble Free, Maintenance Free, Unbreakable, Ligation Resistant.




OPS Antibacterial Hand Soap

OPS AB is an Antibacterial Soap / Skin Cleanser that eliminates 99.9 to 99.999% of most bacteria in only 15 seconds. A balanced blend of surfactants, moisturizers, and conditioning agents create a foaming soap that leaves your skin feeling soft and silky. Effective against MRSA! Alcohol Free! Triclosan Free!


OPS Hand, Hair, and Body Wash

OPS Hand, Hair, and Body Wash is the one product that does it all. Perfect for showers, this soap is an excellent cleaner for the body, a great shampoo, and a refreshing shaving cream. It has a clean scent and a rich feel.


OPS ECO/Safer Choice Approved Hand Soap

OPS ECO Hand Soap is a biodegradable, non-toxic formulation that is approved by the US EPA Safer Choice as environmentally friendly hand soap. A safe and economical alternative to conventional hand soaps.


OPS Instant Hand Sanitizer

OPS Instant Hand Sanitizer is confirmed to reduce harmful bacteria by 99.99% in as little as 15 seconds. It’s fast drying, non-sticky foam contains unique non-drying, conditioning and moisturizing ingredients. Effective against MRSA! Alcohol Free.

Why Select an Indestructible & Suicide Resistant Soap Dispenser For Your Facility?

  • No More Broken Soap Dispensers
  • Stop Soap Theft and Soap Contamination
  • Eliminate all Suicide Risk Concerns
  • Completely Maintenance Free System

Unbreakable: The OPS 1-Touch is 100% Unbreakable. Kick Proof, Punch Proof, and Knife Proof. You will NEVER have a broken dispenser ever again.

Clean Soap: The OPS 1-Touch is securely locked with a stainless steel circular keyway cam lock. It can’t be picked or clogged with gum. There is no way to contaminate your soap supply with pens, pencils, gum, bodily fluids, or other foreign contaminants.

Suicide/Ligation Resistant: The most suicide resistant soap dispenser in the world! The OPS 1-Touch is ligation resistant with no hang points. It has no sharp edges and prevents self-cutting. It has no external parts that can be swallowed and choked on. Plus, No Weapon Stock! There is no part of this dispenser that can be broken to form a weapon to be used on oneself or a staff member.

Maintenance Free: At up to 2500 hand washings per cartridge, OPS soap cartridges last up to 3 times longer than all other foaming soap brands. Plus, no more soap scum in showers. No more liquid soap causing slip hazards on the floor. Our dispenser is even mounted directly to the wall (no tape / mounting bracket) so you won’t worry about vandals lifting your dispenser off and throwing it in the garbage.

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