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Is Your Dispenser Secure From Vandalism

“Dear Vandalproof, many of our parks are at the beach along California’s coastline. We use plastic soap dispensers that cannot be locked. Heroin addicts are opening the soap dispensers and injecting their needles into our soap cartridges in order to clean them. They are injecting from the top of the cartridge so that the soap does not spill out. Our kids are washing their hands with the remainder. Please, we need something vandal proof and securely locked.”

“Dear Vandalproof, I represent 50 parks in Missouri. We use bulk-filled stainless steel soap dispensers. There are is a lock on these dispensers, but now I know how flimsy it is. Thank you for visiting our park restrooms and showing me how the lock can be broken with a simple house key. Also, I appreciate you showing me what the inside of our soap dispensers look like. Obviously, finding used toilet paper with fecal matter in one and a nearly a dozen dead crickets in another was not what I was expecting to find in our hand soap. I appreciate that the OPS® vandal proof soap dispenser is unbreakable, securely locked, and uses a disposable soap cartridge. I’m going to make sure that this never happens again.”

“Dear Vandalproof, I represent a large public transportation system in Northern California. Our homeless population is breaking our soap dispensers and using them to form crack pipes. They then steal the soap and wash their clothes. We need something that won’t break. I loved your online video where you hit the dispenser with a stainless steel pipe. Wow that thing is tough! I’m sold.”

“Dear Vandalproof, I represent a large school district and 40% of our soap dispensers are vandalized each year. Our kids even light our plastic soap dispensers on fire. Of those that are not broken, when I look inside the dispensers I find gum, pencils, erasers, spit, and/or urine floating in the soap. I’m glad to hear that the vandal proof soap dispenser is fire proof and securely locked!”

“Dear Vandalproof, I recently bought a stainless steel soap dispenser for $50, but it came with only 1 mounting hole. Our guests ripped it off the wall within a day. What a waste of $50. I noticed that your vandal proof soap dispenser has 10 mounting holes. No way that’s coming off the wall! Thank you for the help.”