Vandal Proof Soap Dispenser
(Suicide / Ligation Resistant)

VIDEO / Hand Soap

Vandal Proof Paper Towel Dispenser
(Suicide / Ligation Resistant)

VIDEO / Hand Towel & Toilet Paper

Archer NSF Food Processing

For Distribution
Outside the United States

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Why Select an Indestructible & Suicide Resistant Soap Dispenser For Your Facility?

  • No More Broken Soap Dispensers
  • Stop Soap Theft and Soap Contamination
  • Eliminate all Suicide Risk Concerns
  • Completely Maintenance Free System
  • Peace of Mind With Our 5 Year Warranty Against Vandalism

Unbreakable: The OPS 1-Touch is 100% Unbreakable. Kick Proof, Punch Proof, and Knife Proof. You will NEVER have a broken dispenser ever again.

Clean Soap: The OPS 1-Touch is securely locked with a stainless steel circular keyway cam lock. It can’t be picked or clogged with gum. There is no way to contaminate your soap supply with pens, pencils, gum, bodily fluids, or other foreign contaminants.

Suicide/Ligation Resistant: The most suicide resistant soap dispenser in the world! The OPS 1-Touch is ligation resistant with no hang points. It has no sharp edges and prevents self-cutting. It has no external parts that can be swallowed and choked on. Plus, No Weapon Stock! There is no part of this dispenser that can be broken to form a weapon to be used on oneself or a staff member.

Maintenance Free: At up to 5000 hand washings per cartridge, OPS soap cartridges last up to 3 times longer than all other foaming soap brands. Plus, no more soap scum in showers. No more liquid soap causing slip hazards on the floor. Our dispenser is even mounted directly to the wall (no tape / mounting bracket) so you won’t worry about vandals lifting your dispenser off and throwing it in the garbage.