Commercial Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Toilet paper is a necessity for every bathroom. If customers come into your public bathroom and have to improvise, they will lose trust in your business or service. But, choosing the wrong model can force your bathroom to close due to vandalism. Getting an industrial-grade stainless-steel toilet tissue dispenser can save you time and money.

OPS Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Vandal Proof Toilet Tissue Dispenser
  • Securely locked and indestructible.
  • 800 2-ply tissues per refill.
  • Portion-controlled; only dispenses one 2-ply tissue per use.
  • Refills are septic tank safe.
  • Keyed alike with all other Vandal Proof models.
  • Patented OPS eyebrow gives additional security.
  • 800 OPS® TISSUE SHEET CAPACITY. (Lasts as long as a Jumbo Roll of TP)
  • Dimensions: 8.75” (H) 9.5” (W) 3” (D)

Going with a cheaper model may seem like a good idea for your wallet, but managing these dispensers can become time-consuming and costly. Cheaper models are highly prone to damage, which means you’ll spend a lot of time replacing your dispensers when the wrong person comes in and destroys your public restroom. 

Vandal Proof has meticulously designed a dispenser that will drastically cut the time spent on repair and maintenance. Our line of stainless-steel toilet tissue dispensers is specifically designed to stand up against any abuse vandals can throw at it. Order your indestructible dispenser today!

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Tamper Resistant Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Cheaper options on the market are made of hard plastic or weak metal. Due to the hardy stainless-steel exterior of the commercial OPS toilet paper dispensers, you won’t need to worry about them being damaged. The OPS mounting system is also specifically designed to make it impossible for vandals to tear the dispenser clear off the wall. These factors make them indestructible, meaning you will never need a replacement. Ensure that your guests have a pleasant experience while going through your bathroom.

OPS 2-Ply Interlocking Toilet Sheets

Another fantastic benefit of the OPS tissue holders is their increased capacity for storing refills and how they are stored. Each dispenser holds two 800-tissue refills, significantly reducing the time you need to spend on maintenance. This is equivalent to a jumbo roll of toilet paper!

These refills are septic tank safe. They also do not have a cardboard core, reducing waste and time spent on maintenance. In addition, they only dispense one 2-ply piece of tissue at a time, meaning vandals can’t tear out entire rolls and use the tissue to clog toilets and sinks. Cut down on your maintenance time with refills made for efficiency. 

  • UNLIKE ROLL TISSUE, ONLY 1 SHEET IS DISPENSED AT A TIME (dramatically, slows usage, no more clogged toilets, and savings in less sheets used per use).
OPS Commercial Grade 2-Ply Toilet Tissue

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Ligature And Fire Resistant Dispensers

If you are concerned about residents in your establishment attempting to harm themselves, choosing the right dispenser is critical. Vandal Proof’s tissue holders are designed with rounded corners and edges to limit any damage done. The rounded edges also stop people from tying anything around it.

Protect Your Bathroom The Right Way

No matter what your bathroom dispenser needs, OPS Vandal Proof has the best product designed to protect the space. We have what you need, from soap or hand sanitizer to paper towel holders. All our products have the same secure, stainless-steel design, keeping vandals from destroying the peaceful oasis you have created. Ensure that the people entering your bathroom have a safe and comfortable experience. Order your very own Vandal Proof toilet paper dispensers today!

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