Tamper Proof Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Vandal Proof Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  • DIMENSIONS: 10.75” (H) 6.5” (W) 4.5” (D)

Since 2020, hand sanitizer has become a common item to have near the entrances of public places. Whether your business is a restaurant or grocery store, people value having germ-free hands while out and about. Having a few hand sanitizer dispensers in your public business is important to prevent the spread of germs among your customers. However, your hand sanitizer dispensers are at risk of damage. No matter where they’re located, vandals will try to destroy dispensers or steal whole bottles of hand sanitizer.

Your business needs a readily available public dispenser that vandals can’t break. That’s where OPS Vandal Proof’s indestructible stainless-steel soap dispenser comes in. With the right refill, this product can dispense hand sanitizer while protecting the sanitizer insert. That way, you guarantee your guests always have a quick, easy way of cleaning their hands.

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The Difference That OPS Vandal Proof Makes

Many ordinary plastic dispensers cannot withstand the abuse from vandals. The OPS Vandal Proof line is the perfect way to defend your bathroom. Our commercial metal dispensers are indestructible, ligature-resistant, and securely mounted to the wall with the OPS mounting system. Many vandals tend to walk out with an entire bottle of hand sanitizer. The mounting system makes it impossible for vandals to tear your dispensers off the wall, let alone walk out with full bottles of hand sanitizer.

But their protection isn’t limited to just your bathrooms. We designed our dispensers to make the maintenance process quick and painless. The locking mechanism is the same on every model, meaning you only need one key to access all your hand sanitizer and soap dispensers. The impenetrable stainless-steel shell ensures that you won’t have to worry about anyone contaminating your refills.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Refills

If you get a Vandal Proof industrial hand sanitizer dispenser, you have a few different options when it comes to refills. Our non-alcoholic option provides a gentler experience for your guests’ hands, and we also offer a version with 70% alcohol for assured germ killing. Most dispensers on the market only support 600 uses per refill. Our foaming refills maximize the amount of sanitizer you get, providing 2500 uses per refill. Additionally, both hand sanitizer refills are NSF E-3 certified, ensuring their safety for use in food processing environments.

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NSF E-3 Rated

Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill Pouch For Commercial Dispensers
OPS® Instant Hand Sanitizer

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Get Your Own OPS Dispenser

Ensuring that your business is clean, safe, and germ-free is incredibly important. The best way to achieve this is with OPS Vandal Proof’s industrial stainless-steel hand sanitizer dispenser. By choosing this product, you ensure that your guests always have access to hand sanitizer for germ-free hands. This also aids your maintenance team in becoming more efficient, thus saving time and money. With their wealth of features, Vandal Proof is the obvious choice. Order your indestructible hand sanitizer dispenser today and make routine maintenance a breeze!

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Download The OPS Dispenser PDF

OPS Dispenser PDF

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